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Captain's Log
June 30, 2002

We left the dock at  low tide around 8:30am after some trouble with the alternator wire coming off the alternator.  We quickly fixed it and were on our way.  Onc nice thing about having completely rewired the boat myself is that problems such as this are quickly resolved.

Winds were around 5-10 knots out of the south.  It was clear and sunny, temperature around 85 F.   Motoring out of the inlet we were greated by a pod of dolphin that we watched as we headed south towards the wreck

We quickly found the wreck and hooked in to the engine on the first pass.  Seas were ok with a 2-3 chop, and there was a surface current running against the wind which kept us almost broadside to the waves the whole time at anchor. 

After pulling the hook and getting back on board, Adam motored us back to the inlet. 

We were docked around 2:00pm without event, and quickly unloaded the boat.  All in all a great day on the water.
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