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Captain's Log
August 4th, 2002

A perfect day.  We left the dock by 8:00am on the out going tide.  Boat traffic was very light until we got on site and had to contend with some fishermen over the Delaware.  After some time, we were hooked in and diving.  All went extremely well.  I jumped in to check the prop, as when we came in at low tide two trips ago,  I thought we hit something.  The prop was fine, the water felt cold.  But, it was still nice. 

The weather was about as nice as it gets, light winds from the SSW, maxing at 5-10 knots.  Seas were fairly calm, only significant waves caused by boat wakes.  Visibility was short in the morning, about 1 mile, but burned off to almost unlimited by 10 am.  Total people on board was 4.  A good time had by all.

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