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August 11, 2002

With us all getting to the boat early, we decided to try to head for a further away wreck.  The Tolten seemed a good choice.  We headed away from the slip without incident, and continued to motor along.  Once we passed the canal, where most boats speed up a little, I gave her some throttle and as the RPMs increased, I felt the engine over rev. This was similar to what happend last week coming back in the same area.  We motored out of the inlet without incident and started heading South East.  The seas were a steady 3 foot swell, so we nixed the Tolten and decided to try something closer, maybe the Jim Lynch.  About 1/2 mile out of the inlet, the engine surged again.  This time I was not increasing the throttle, so I killed the throttle and put her in neutral.  We pulled the hatches and I had Adam and Dave watch the shaft as I increased speed.  When the engine would surge, the shaft would slow.... Transmission Slip!!!  Ok, so decision time, do we try to figure out what is wrong in 3 foot swells?  Or do we limp home at less than 5 knots and fix at the dock.  Fix at the dock was the decision.  As we approached the inlet, I issued a request over the VHF for all vessels leaving the inlet to give us as much room as they could.  Some did, others did not, and with there wake against the incomming tide, we had some 5-8 foot waves to crash over with little or no power.  Not fun.  The Coast Guard hailed me and asked if they could be of assistance, we were through the rough part, or so I thought, so I said that I think I would be ok.  We were fine until we got to the RR bridge.  There was a steady stream of out coming traffic.  I had to do some tough manuvering with the tide pushing us, and not having a real punch of power to steer.  
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