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We hooked the wreck on the first try, which was nice after such troubles our last time out.  Adam rolled in shortly there after to tie us in and to do his dive.  Surface temp was 66 F, there was a slight surface current, and surface vis was only 5-10'. 

Adam ended his dive early because he was not feeling well on the bottom.  After coming up, getting his gear off, a quick chum, he was feeling better, so I got geared up to do a dive and then pull the hook.  Rolling in, I saw a quick shadow pass in front of me, which I though must have been a line or one of my hoses, and payed it no mind until after I was back on the boat....

Visability improved after the thermocline at around 35 fsw.  We were hooked in to some wreckage on the port side near the stern of the wreck.  I bagged a quick lobster, missed a bigger one, saw many nice sized black fish, and the usual other suspects on a Jersey dive.  I basically did a tour of the outside of the wreckage, then unhooked us and got a fun ride as the wind had picked up considerably on the surface. 

Oh, what was the shadow...Right after I rolled in, I was told that a small shark darted out from under the boat, right in front of me.  From the description, I think it was probably a brown shark, and was told it was 4-5 feet long.  
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