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We hooked the wreck on the first try, again so we were pretty happy.  Adam quickly geared up and went in to tie us in.  Dave quickly followed.  No keeper lobsters were brought up by either, so in I went to try my luck, then unhook us. Dave did mention seeing a large fluke on the bottom.

Again this week surface vis was pretty poor, but the vis on the bottom was a good 15-20 feet.  Surface temp was 70 F and bottom temp was 54 F.  I did not find any keeper bugs, or any really big black fish.  Did see a large conger eel out of its hole which was pretty neat.  Adam had also mentioned seeing one out, so I wonder if it was the same one.  Even without and dinner coming aboard, we still had a great day diving.  

A nice thing about having our own boat is that we can go to the same wreck a few times, and really learn the wreck.  In the past on charters, the only wreck I got to often was the Mohawk, but even then it was sporadic enough that I had a hard time learning  the wreck. 
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