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As my planned bottom time was ending, I headed back to the tie in.  We were going to try a new "break away" system today and I had to prepare it. I used the line from my spool to tie the break away.  I think this line is a little too light, but we had only a light breeze, so it was ok this time.  Next time I will used a little heavier line.  I tied the break away, inserted the hook in the chain, and attached a lift bag to the chain.  Then made my ascent.

The break away worked perfectly. 

Surface vis was 15-25 feet
Bottom vis was 20 +
Surface Temp was 76 F
Bottom Temp was 58 F

Dive Stats
Adam   28%     60 minutes
Dan      32%     60 minutes
Dave    21%     30 minutes and 20 minutes
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