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After a month of no diving it was finally time to get wet again.  We wanted one more dive on the Delaware to recover some brass that was located on a previous trip.  After jockeying with a couple fishing boats, we finally hooked in and started our dives. 

Adam and Dave were the first to dive.  Dave was planning two short dives while Adam and myself were planning one long dive each. 

After Dave then Adam surfaced, (Adam with a small but keeper bug) I geared up and hit the water.  My first objective was to recover the brass that I had found on a previous dive.  Quickly locating it, I set to work recovering one of the large brass spikes that held the ship together at one time.  My chisle and sledge made quick work of loosening the spike and I wiggled it out the rest of the way. 
After recovering the spike, I cruised to look for lobsters.  Only small bugs were to be found.  I came across a large dead conger eel lying in the wreckage (probably released from fishermen).  What was interesting was in every hole around that eel for probably 15 feet there was a small lobster.  They must have been attracted to the dead eel.  Would be interesting to see how much activity there would be on a night dive. 

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